Digital Literacy/Internet Safety with Little Red Theatre: Wellington

Hello PEC Schools and Home-Schooling families!

The Prince Edward County Public Library & Archives is excited and honoured to host Toronto-based theatre company Little Red Theatre on Friday March 31st at both the Picton Branch & Wellington Branch Library.

LRT will be performing their original show “Charlie Mobile & The Window to the World”. Charlie Mobile explores “how technology, maturity, and responsibility intersect through the eyes of the modern day 10 year old”. The show is suitable for grades 3-6, and a full study guide for the show will be provided approximately one month before the show. For more information about LRT and Charlie Mobile, please see their website at

The Picton showing will be from 9-10am, and the Wellington showing will be from 12:30-1:30pm, both including a question and answer period. Seating is limited in both spaces, so please contact me to register a space for your classes soon! You can either email me at or call at 613-476-5962.

28 East Street Wellington, Ontario, Canada